Meet the Masters is an amazing program for our elementary students where parent volunteers join our classes weekly to teach about some of the great master artists. If you would like to volunteer as an art parent, please contact Jody Hallman or Brady Mullin. Whether you are a seasoned or new Art Parent, the tools provided to you make it quite straightforward to execute in the classroom.

Meet the Masters Chairman: Jody Hallman – 208.841.2103 – or Brady Mullin – 208 850 5383-

The following are a few tips and guidelines to support you in your efforts.

 ·        Art Parent Orientation: Tuesday, September 11 at 9:15 am in the teachers’ lounge (if you are unable to attend, please contact me and I will be happy to set up a second meeting for those who could not attend or meet with you at your convenience)

·        2018-2019 Lesson Calendar





Student Portfolio

Construction Paper


Kinder –Tiles

Grades 1-5 – Rousseau


Construction Paper/Payons


Kinder –Rousseau

Grades 1-5 – Clay

Construction Paper/Payons Clay


Kinder – Open

Grades 1-5 Clay




Tempura Paint/Soft Chalk






Construction Paper/Tempura Paint



Crayola Clay/Tempura Paint



Construction Paper/Starch

  • Student Portfolios are the first project and are made to hold student artwork for the year and should be stored by their teachers.   Portfolio Instructions and supplies are currently available for your use.
  • Monthly Communications will be sent via email to let everyone know when lesson plans and supplies become available as well as any other pertinent details or guidance you may need for a particular project.
  • Please make every effort to adhere to the schedule and plan accordingly. Once the lesson plans and supplies are changed out it is difficult to get them to you if you missed it.
  • Scheduling Lessons:  You will need to contact your teacher to coordinate Art Lesson times in their class. Please utilize all days and times during the week to help eliminate supply shortages on any given day.  Friday afternoons have historically been the most utilized time and day for lessons which creates a lack of available supplies from which to work and makes it difficult and frustrating to complete the activities on time.   The more we work collectively to spread the lessons out during the week the smoother the process will go for everyone.
  • Clay lessons always take longer than expected due to a two-step process, limited kiln space/firing time and taking into account any breakages.  Projects need to be completed in time to send home for Christmas.  The sooner you start planning this project the better.  Kindergarten clay project should be started in October -Tiles are the assigned clay project for Kindergarten classes.

      A Clay informational/instructional meeting will be held prior to the October project start – look for an e-vite in late September.

  • Utilize the Art Parent network – whether you need an idea for your clay project (grades 1-5) or an open lesson or you want to know how the lessons actually go in the classroom vs the teacher DVD, other Art Parents have proven to be a wealth of helpful information.
  • Please note, the Meet the Masters curriculum is a licensed copyrighted program and it is PROHIBITED to utilize and or share with other schools or facilities outside of Galileo.