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Meet the Masters

Galileo Student Art Program

Meet the Masters is a wonderful program for our elementary students where parent volunteers join our classes weekly to teach about some of the great master artists. Whether you are a seasoned or new Art Parent, the tools provided to you make it quite straightforward to execute in the classroom. You need not be creative or artsy to teach this program – if you can read a recipe, you can do it.  Plus, your teacher is there to manage the classroom.

We still have a few teachers sans volunteers and a few teachers with “helper” sign ups only. If you or anyone you know might be interested in leading the charge (even if it isn’t your child’s teacher) please have them contact us. 

The following are a few tips and guidelines to support you in your efforts:

For questions or help regarding the program please contact:

Ö       Jody Hallmen208 841

Ö       Brady Mullin:  208 850 5383|

·        Art Parent Orientation: TBD – We will send out a meeting notice once we finalize the sign up list.  If you have been an art parent before, it is the same info we always present so it isn’t mandatory.  If you are a new art parent and need info ASAP, please contact me directly and I will help you out.

·        Art Parent Orientation Document: Attached below. Please review the information for details on lesson plans and supplies

·        2019-2020 Lesson Calendar

SeptStudent PortfolioConstruction Paper
OctKinder –TilesGrades 1-5 – Renoir:  French, ColorClayPaint Crayons
NovKinder –RenoirGrades 1-5 – ClayClay
DecKinder –  OpenGrades 1-5  ClayClay
JanRinggold: African American, PatternsOil Pastels, Cut Paper Shapes
FebSeurat: French, ColorSandpaper, paper
AprDavinci: Italian, Line & ValueLine Drawing
  • September Project – Student Portfolios are the first project and are made to hold student artwork for the year and should be stored by their teachers.   Portfolio Instructions and supplies are currently available for your use.   Please see attached document for further details on instruction locations and supply locations.  Please note to check with your teacher as not all of them utilize this project.
  • Monthly Communications will be sent via email to let everyone know when lesson plans and supplies become available as well as any other pertinent details or guidance you may need for a particular project.
  • Please make every effort to adhere to the schedule and plan accordingly. Once the lesson plans and supplies are changed out it is difficult to get them to you if you missed it.
  • Scheduling Lessons:  You will need to contact your teacher to coordinate Art Lesson times in their class. Please utilize all days and times during the week to help eliminate supply shortages on any given day.  Friday afternoons have historically been the most utilized time and day for lessons which creates a lack of available supplies from which to work and makes it difficult and frustrating to complete the activities on time.   The more we work collectively to spread the lessons out during the week the smoother the process will go for everyone.  
  • Clay lessons always take longer than expected due to a two-step process, limited kiln space/firing time and taking into account any breakages.  Projects need to be completed in time to send home for Christmas.  The sooner you start planning this project the better.  Kindergarten clay project should be started in October -Tiles are the assigned clay project for Kindergarten classes.

      A Clay informational/instructional meeting will be held prior to the October project start – look for an e-vite in late September.

  • Utilize the Art Parent network – whether you need an idea for your clay project (grades 1-5) or an open lesson or you want to know how the lessons actually go in the classroom vs the teacher DVD, other Art Parents have proven to be a wealth of helpful information.  
  • Please note, the Meet the Masters curriculum is a licensed copyrighted program and it is PROHIBITED to utilize and or share with other schools or facilities outside of Galileo.   
  • Open Lessons – Please collaborate with your teacher to find an appropriate project for these months. 

Thank you again for volunteering your time.  We hope it is a rewarding and fun process for all of you! 

Jody Hallmen & Brady Mullin

Jody Hallmen|208 841 2103 |

*An Orientation Guide for Volunteer Art Parents:

We will feature four artists this 2019 – 2020 school year. There will be three months for an open project of choice for the Kinder level and two for all others. The PTA has supplied a wonderful program the kiddos really enjoy. And, whether you are a seasoned or new Art Parent, the tools provided make it quite straightforward to execute in the classroom. Additionally, the PTA has generously supplied all the materials for the art program.

2018-2019 Lesson Calendar

Month Artist Materials

Sept Student Portfolio Construction Paper

Oct Kinder –Tiles Grades 1-5 – Renoir: French, Color Clay Paint Crayons

Nov Kinder –Renoir Grades 1-5 – Clay Clay

Dec Kinder – Open Grades 1-5 Clay Clay

Jan Ringgold: African American, Patterns Oil Pastels, Cut Paper Shapes

Feb Seurat: French, Color Sandpaper, paper

Mar Open

Apr Davinci: Italian, Line & Value Line Drawing

May Open

There are two lessons required in each unit: Introduction (with learning packet) and Art Activity.

Introduction to the Artist:

This is the first lesson. You will use props and the artist PowerPoint that is loaded on the public server for the school. This intro will have examples of the artist’s work and is scripted for easy use; don’t forget to make it fun and lively to keep their attention J You should familiarize yourself with the artist’s work beforehand.

Student Learning Packets:

These are to be completed after the introduction and before the art activity. They do not take long and should be done on the day of introduction. They contain 2 or 3 pages of exercises related to the art element for that unit. Keep these in the classroom until the art project has been completed and send them home together. Some of the final projects will utilize a page of the learning packet.

30 minutes are needed for kindergarten

45 minutes for 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th

45 minutes for 5th

Art Activity:

Each class is scheduled for a 60-minute activity period for each artist. Students should have their desks completely cleared except for their learning packet and a pencil. The lessons are connected to the master artist by subject matter, technique, or medium. All supplies for these lessons will be in the elementary art closet (next to the copy room and the teachers lounge). You can check the key out from Angela Meyers. There is always some prep work needed for these lessons so plan accordingly. It is your responsibility to return all supplies to the supply closet and put them away orderly and promptly after completing the lesson so they are ready for the next person.

All written material is located in the room next to the principles office. Master copies should be borrowed, copied and returned right away and in their proper folder in the Master’s Box. The DVD’s are located in the same area. As many people need to view the DVD’s, the check out period is overnight only.

Instructions and supplies are broken down into three categories and labeled in box:


Beginning Level- Grades 1 and 2

Intermediate Level- Grades 3 and 4

Advance Level- Grades 5- 8th

Ceramic/Kiln Information

Clay is available for one class project per year. This year we have an open clay project, to be completed during the months of November and December. We will have a Clay instructional meeting prior to the start of this project. Please note we will assign specific grade levels specific clay styles (kinder tiles, 1st pinch pots, 2nd slab, etc.) to ensure all variations are tried without repetition by grade 5.

*Kindergarten will paint with colored glazes on 6×6 ceramic tiles instead of working with raw clay. This is still a wonderful lesson in how glazes turn from chalky and dull to colorful, shiny and glasslike paintings in the kiln.

Clay 101:

Projects require a 2-3 week completion time.

Ceramics will need to dry, and then be fired (bisque firing) before they are painted with colored glaze and then fired again afterward (glaze firing). Firing time is between 24 and 48 hours.

Clay, tiles and all other necessary tools are in the kiln room located at the back of the music room.

Boards are for the students to work on and transport projects. Projects should be left on shelves to dry. Remove from boards as soon as you are able. Clay must be completely dry before loading in kiln. This can take from 3-10 days, depending on thickness of project. Any moisture in the clay will cause breakage.

This Kiln holds multiple projects and should run full, as it is expensive. Communication is important during ceramic project months, please label projects when placing them in the kiln room and contact Art Parent Coordinator and plan to glaze as soon as possible to return for second firing. Holiday months will be busy so get an early start to ensure your projects will be completed on time!

Glaze dries quickly. It is important to clean lids and close tightly. Water can be added to dilute glaze; a minimal amount is enough to reconstitute

Loading and Firing of the kiln should be done by art coordinator; please email or call when you have a project that needs to be fired.

*A bucket and microfiber cloth is provided for wiping down supplies and desks with water in the classroom…please don’t return dirty items to the kiln room, thank you!! Additionally, there is a special utility sink in the Music room for cleaning clay supplies so we don’t cement the school pipes!

  • Please note, the Meet the Masters curriculum is a licensed copyrighted program and it is PROHIBITED to utilize and or share with other schools or facilities outside of Galileo.